8th ICOMUS International Conference on Multidisciplinary Sciences
  Antalya / Lara
YER   Antalya / Lara
TARİH   2-4.MART.2022
ETKİNLİK MERKEZİ   Titanic Beach Lara Otel
ETKİNLİK WEB SAYFASI   www.icomuscongress.org/
Today the world has become a small village ; Because of the rapid progress produced by the revolution in technology and communication, there is no doubt that societies will have a strong desire; To achieve the best performance of community service, it requires scientific research of a special nature, that poses problems and provides solutions. All countries seek to achieve their development goals, and to provide the best services at all levels by creating a partnership of a special type in which efforts are combined to achieve these goals.

Universities and research institutions play an important role in promoting that development. Because universities, educational and research institutions are the engines of the development in the modern era. Scientific research has a major role in the system of development and community service, and this is the way for any country to seek progress and advancement and this requires a clear planning and a good vision.

The scientific research helps the society through the research projects that are presented by these countries which contribute in society progress. These ambitions follow their desires through close cooperation between ministries (government) and universities (educational and research institutions). And the owners of industry and production, with planned steps; Aware of the extent of the importance of scientific research in achieving progress and civilizational development and its continuity to be used in addressing and solving the problems that face both public and private institutions.

From this standpoint , the role of this conference emerges: The International Conference for Scientific Research, entitled: “Scientific research and its role in serving society", in an attempt to enrich this topic, which it is hoped will be a means for higher education institutions and research centers to develop specific and clear plans for the development of scientific research in the world linked to community development.