VR2021 3rd International Conference on Virtual Reality
  Şanlıurfa / ONLINE
YER   Şanlıurfa / ONLINE
TARİH   15-16.KASIM.2021
DÜZENLEYEN KURULUŞ   Harran Üniversitesi
ETKİNLİK MERKEZİ   Harran Üniversitesi / ONLINE
ETKİNLİK WEB SAYFASI   http://virtualreality.harran.edu.tr/vr2021/
Virtual Reality (VR) let us our dreams become true. Today, technologies at an unprecedented pace in our century enable us to experience the past, present and future using virtual reality. It is true that virtual reality has been around for more than a half century. However, only recent related hardware and software has reached the required maturity level for delivering the feeling of reality.

International Conference on Virtual Reality (VR) started in 2019 and continued in 2020 to bring together leading and industrial researchers, scientist, engineers, practitioners and students from universities, research institutes, industries and organizations all around the world to exchange their latest research ideas, methods, findings and to share their experiences.

We are happy and proud to invite you to the third edition of the International Conference on Virtual Reality, which will be held at Harran University.
The third edition of this conference will be a showcase for the newest developments in the theoretical, experimental and applied aspects of virtual reality, augmented reality and related technologies in Turkey and around the world. The focus of this conference will be on applications in the fields of engineering, medicine and education without being limited to them.

Please browser our website to find out more about the third edition of our conference and visit this link.

We are looking forward to seeing you online in VR2021.

Healthfully yours,

VR2021 Organization Committee