OCMFCA 2020 1st Online Conference on Modern Fractional Calculus and
  Its Applications
Fen Bilimleri
TARİH   4-6.ARALIK.2020
DÜZENLEYEN KURULUŞ   Biruni Üniversitesi
ETKİNLİK WEB SAYFASI   ntmsci.com/Conferences/OCMFCA2020
Fractional calculus is a topic which theoretically extends the classical calculus by allowing the operators of differentiation and integration to take fractional orders, and which is nowadays playing an important role in describing the complicated dynamics of real world processes from various fields of science and engineering.

The scope of this online conference is to present the state of the art on fractional operators and systems, both theoretical and applications-oriented aspects. Moreover, some fundamental problems of current research in fractional calculus will be debated.

Part of the conference will be dedicated to research presentations delivered by young researchers in the area of modern fractional calculus and its applications.

Conference will be organized in Online Platform https://www.teamlink.co/

"Award application date expired!

The following awards will be presented during the conference.

Tentative list:
1. Leibniz and l'Hôpital Award for lifetime achievement in fractional calculus
2. Liouville Award for lifetime achievement in fractional calculus
3. Riesz Award for breakthrough achievement in fractional calculus
4. Scott Blair Award for breakthrough achievement in fractional calculus
5. Prabhakar Award for breakthrough achievement in fractional calculus
6. Bertram Ross Award for young scientists
7. Riemann Award for young scientists
8. Abel Award for young scientists
9. Wen Chen Award for young scientists
10. Mark Meerschaert Award for young scientists
11. Awards of Progress in Fractional Differentiation and Applications for breakthrough achievement in fractional calculus
12. Oliviu Gherman Award for contributions in applying the fractional calculus for solving real world problems given by the University of Craiova, Romania

We invite the researchers to contribute original research articles for a online presentation during OCMFCA2020.

There is no conference fee. All participants will receive certificates for their presentations.

You can get more details on the web site:


We are looking forward to see you in online Conference "OCMFCA2020".

Sincerely Yours,

Professor Mustafa Bayram
Chairman of OCMFCA2020