MESMAP-6 6. Uluslararası Akdeniz Tıbbi ve Aromatik Bitkiler Sempozyumu
  6th International Mediterranean Symposium on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants
YER   İzmir
TARİH   15-17.EKİM.2020
DÜZENLEYEN KURULUŞ   Akdeniz Tıbbi ve Aromatik Bitkiler Derneği

Dear Participants of MESMAP-6,

Global crisis and the pandemic of Corona Virus (COVID-19) have affected all the activities throughout the world. Despite all the difficulties, we are committed to hold MESMAP-6 according to the announcement.

Due to the alarming rate of COVID-19 infection around the World, the Turkish Government and the Higher Education Council have announced strict preventive measures to avoid the outbreak of COVID-19 in Turkey. These include the postponement of all the conferences and meetings.

In line with our government policy and recommendation, we have to postpone MESMAP-6 to October 2020 but maintaining the venue of the Symposium in the same city of Turkey, İzmir.

The International Organizing Committee of MESMAP-6 has set a new date for MESMAP-6 to 15-17 October 2020. Updated information about the symposium will be shared at the symposium official website and e-mail will be sent to all of our participants.

The international organizing committee of MESMAP-6 guarantees to keep the currently registered participants all the rights for the postponed symposium. We will request Turkish Airlines, the official airline of the symposium, to update the information about new MESMAP-6. Additionally, we will update the submission deadline for the Special Issue in MOLECULES very soon.

Safety and health of our participants, brother and sisters are of our priority. With the drastic measures implemented by governments around the world, we are confident that this global threat to humanity will be solved very soon.

Please take care of you and your family in this period.

We look forward to meeting you at MESMAP-6 during 15-17 October 2020 in İzmir.

With best regards,

Prof. Dr. Nazım ŞEKEROĞLU
Chairman of MESMAP Symposiums