ISCC 2020 25. Uluslararası Kontaminasyon Kontrolü Sempozyumu
  25th International Symposium on Contamination Control
  Antalya / Belek
YER   Antalya / Belek
TARİH   13-15.EKİM.2020
DÜZENLEYEN KURULUŞ   Temizoda Teknolojileri Derneği
ETKİNLİK MERKEZİ   Titanic Deluxe Belek Otel
We Welcome All Contamination Professionals And Experts

It is a great honour for the Cleanroom Technologies Society of Turkey to host the 25th International Symposium on Contamination Control, ICCCS 2020 in Antalya, Turkey. The symposium will be held in October 13-15th, 2020. Having started in 1972 in Sweden, this adventure previously took place in Korea, 2014; in Brazil, 2016; and in the Netherlands, 2018 with the participation of approximately 400 contamination control and cleanroom experts from 50 different countries.

The 25th International Contamination Control Symposium, the theme of which is “Contamination Control Is In Every Aspect of Our Lives” will greet our valued guests. While talking over the importance of contamination control in different industries such as; pharmaceutical, health, defence, aviation, electronics, biosafety, semiconductor and automative, we will also have the opportunity to review together great many technologies that support and make our lives easier even when we are not aware. The symposium will host ISO TC 209 delegates from 23 member countries, developing ISO 14644 standards, who will provide first hand information regarding the future of the standards. This will also be our first time hosting the annual ICCCS CoD meetings and the board of directors in our country. During these three ‘full' days, we plan to introduce you to global brands and important figures in the sector, gaining as much benefit as possible through different panels, training groups, technical trips and sessions. Having started this journey with the “Education, Communication, Sharing” motto, we will host this event for the first time in our country, working tirelessly to make this experience unique for all guests.

On behalf of the Cleanroom Technologies Society of Turkey and the whole organising committee, we welcome you to ISCC2020 and look forward to meeting you all at our spectacular city of Antalya in October 13-15, 2020!

Hasim Solmaz
Symposium Chair, ISCC2020