MUISC - HUMSOS 2022 Maltepe University International Student Congress on
  Humanities and Social Sciences
Öğrenci Kongreleri
TARİH   2-4.HAZİRAN.2022
DÜZENLEYEN KURULUŞ   Maltepe Üniversitesi İnsan ve Toplum Bilimleri Fakültesi

Humanities and Social Sciences of Maltepe University takes pride in inviting undergraduate and graduate students to send their abstracts for the 9th International Student Congress with the name of “Maltepe University International Student Congress on Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSOS)” to be held at Maltepe University.

Since 2013, Maltepe University International Student Congress (MUISC) has hosted students from all around the world giving them the opportunity to express and exchange research interests and ideas on a variety of important issues in their respective fields of study.

Our world is on the verge of extinction. Following the UN's 2030 sustainable development goals, we summon all to be a part of a shared responsibility of discussing the future of the world we inhabit. The main theme of our congress will be “Towards Sustainable Societies: Prospects and Retrospects”. We invite BA/MA and Ph.D. students majoring in multiple disciplines of social sciences and humanities, law, communication and education to re-imagine the world and a more democratic and sustainable future. We welcome submissions for individual papers (up to 2 papers), media practice contributions (audio / video) and posters that should be addressing, but not limited to the following topics:

Access to Justice
Brand Activism
Building Social Dialogue
Challenges for Communication for Sustainable Development in Society
Communication of Sustainability
Corporate Social Responsibility
Cross-Cultural Communication
Cultural Policies for Sustainable Development
Data Privacy Ethics in Communication Technologies
Debates on Middle Classes in the Post-pandemic Period
Digitalization and Marketing
Education for Sustainable Development
Electoral Systems, Political Participation and Democracy
Energy Decarbonization with Universal Access to Energy
Environmental Law
Equal Access to Information and Communication Technologies
Equality and Non-discrimination
Ethnicity, Democracy and Political Development
Gender Equality and Law
Gender-Sensitive Communication
Global Climate Change and Its Social Costs
Green Economy and Environmental Planning
Green Logistics for Sustainable Development
Health Communication
Human Development and Institutional Innovation
Human Rights and Human Dignity
Impact of Logistics and Supply Chain Management on Sustainable Development
Importance of Public Relations in Corporate Sustainability
Inclusive Public Policies for Gender Equality
Influence of Political Leaders on Sustainable Development Goals
International Financial Institutions and National Economies
Local Governance and Regional Development
Media Ethics
Mental Healthcare, Well-being and Prosperity
Perspectives on the Role of the State in Economic Development
Poverty, Income Distribution and Growth
Prospects for Biodiversity and Sustainable Ecosystem
Prospects for the International Political Economic Order in the Post-pandemic World
Race and Ethnicity Diversity
Religious Freedom and Development: Tensions, Interactions and Prospects
Renewable Energy Law
Responsible Consumption
State, Civil Society and Democracy
Sustainability Governance
Sustainable Food Systems and Healthy Nutrition
Sustainable Institutions for National Development Policies
Sustainable Land Management and Agricultural Policies
Tackling Hate Speech on Social Media Platforms
The Law of Armed Conflicts
The Law of War
The Privatization of the Health and Human Services
The Right to Education
The Right to Health
The Right to Peace
The Rights of the Child
Unemployment and Precariousness: Prospects for Equal and Fair Distributive Policies
Urban and Peri-urban Development
Water as a Human Right
Women's Empowerment in Workplace, Marketplace and Community
Youth, Political Participation and Decision-Making